La importancia de la iluminación en un proyecto de interiorismo

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider in the design process of any space, yet it is often overlooked or not given the necessary attention in project development.

Good lighting enhances the final outcome of any design in every sense. By paying attention to the details and methods of development, we can give any room the desired atmosphere and generate the desired sensations for its occupants.

To achieve good results, three types of lighting must be considered: general or ambient lighting, spot lighting and decorative lighting:

  • General lighting is the main light source and is responsible for making any space truly functional. In this regard, it is important to create a good combination between the lighting that can be generated by luminaires and the lighting that can be taken advantage of from outside through façade openings and ceilings.

  • Spot lighting: This type of lighting is intended to segment spaces or activities within a room, such as a dining area or a seating area with a television in the same living room.Usually, more decorative elements are used than the luminaires previously described. The on/off switches for this type of lighting are also usually separate to facilitate control.

  • Decorative lighting: Lastly, there is decorative lighting, which is usually intended to focus on and enhance decorative objects or details, such as a decorative figure, a painting, or an ornamental element of the structure itself.Using different types of lighting within the same space makes it easier to adapt the space to any time or use throughout the day.

We hope that this article will help ensure good results in any design project and that our own products can be part of them.


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