Ambientes Naturales y con Luminosidad

The first point, and perhaps most important, the walls must be painted in white or neutral colors. In the event that you want to use paper in a room or area, it must have soft tones and a simple decoration.

Wooden furniture in its natural color or white will be a safe bet to guarantee light and clarity in the environment.

Place some plant, preferably natural. One or two will be enough depending on the space available so as not to recharge too much.

Use decorative elements in a tone that highlights and combines with the wood.
Remember that to achieve a natural and bright decoration, less is more and therefore some decorative details will be enough.

Natural fibers will always be a hit. Choose furniture and decoration made of jute, rattan, cotton, linen, wicker or bamboo.

Choose curtains that are as translucent as possible, some linen-effect sheers will be ideal for letting light in

Lighting is a very important detail to make the environment natural and welcoming and for this we will use quality light. Lamps instead of spotlights and table or wall lamps where possible, to ensure brightness when there is no natural light.

At Granada Maison we have all the tips and decoration products that will help you achieve a very pleasant and natural space.

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