The Granada Maison difference

Granada Maison is inspired by a shared vision to create products that are as pleasurable as they are ethical.

We are not interested in joining the cycle of single-use products.

On the contrary, we want to bring enthusiasm and joy to those everyday moments, not just 'special occasions'.

Therefore, we work exclusively with quality materials and conscious processes that protect our planet. Our designs, traditional craftsmanship and transparent pricing are our way of celebrating the traditions you forge in your home.

Our collaborators guarantee a clean and safe work environment, ensuring that employees are treated with dignity and respect. For us, there is no other way to do things.

  • People

    At Granada Maison, we celebrate the moments that turn a space into a home, those moments of happiness shared in good company, surrounded by an environment that inspires. Our mission is to enrich these experiences through high-quality furniture and decorations that tell stories, from family gatherings in a cozy living room to moments of personal tranquility in a special corner of your home. Granada Maison products are designed to be part of anyone's narrative, inviting the creation of unforgettable memories. We believe that the most important thing is people and shared experiences, and that is why, at the center of everything we do, are people and their well-being.

  • Places of Inspiration

    At Granada Maison, we find our muse in the historic city of Granada, a place where the majesty of the Alhambra meets the vibrant mix of cultures that have flourished in its shadow over the centuries. We are inspired by its rich history, the intricate details of its architecture and the legacy of craftsmanship that survives in its streets and squares. The color palette that unfolds in its sunsets, the texture of its landscapes and the stories woven in the heart of Andalusia are reflected in each piece we design. At Granada Maison, we seek to capture the essence of Granada, where the most sublime colors of nature and the emotions they evoke come to life through our products, offering not only a decorative object, but a piece of history and culture.

  • Contributing to the Community

    At Granada Maison, we are aware that the well-being of our community is essential for a sustainable and harmonious future. That's why we commit to giving something back, driven by the conviction that true success is measured by how we can improve the lives of others. Through strategic collaborations and support programs, we seek to generate a positive impact, ensuring that our actions contribute to collective well-being. We firmly believe that we are at our best when we dedicate ourselves to doing what is best for others, sowing seeds of hope and change in our community and beyond.